OUR CONFERENCES - thematic IT conferences for Lithuanian IT and business leaders:

"Business Intelligence Day'2018", 10-11th May 2018
The fourth CIO Conference in Lithuania "CIO Summit'2017", 22 Nov 2017
Business Intelligence conference "Business Intelligence Day'2016", 8 Nov 2016
Annual CIO Conference in Lithuania "CIO Summit'2015", 10 Nov 2015
Business Intelligence conference "Business Intelligence Day'2015", 14 Apr 2015
Conference "Cooperation Technologies'2014", 23 Sep 2014
Annual CIO conference in Lithuania "National CIO Summit 2014", 15 May 2014
Business Intelligence conference "Business Intelligence Day'13", 28 Nov 2013 
The first annual CIO conference in Lithuania "National CIO Summit 2013", 30 May 2013

 IT Summit, MB - independent business information technology events organization company established in 2013.


  • Organizing traditional annual IT conferences in Lithuania
  • Organizing business IT events (B2B) for IT vendors in Lithuania and Baltics


  • Local IT market knowledge
  • Long-lived experience in organizing business IT events
  • Specialization - working with business events in IT market


"Organizing IT conferences we aim to bring over to Lithuania independent global IT consulting practice, share insights, analyze trends, investigate Lithuanian and foreign companies' experience - to create a space for Lithuanian IT and business managers effectively share IT knowledge, experience and grow."

Rasa Spūdytė, IT Summit, MB founder