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Jau penktoji Verslo analitikos technologijų konferencija Lietuvoje, verslo ir IT vadovams!

  • DATA: 2019 m. spalio 22-23 d.
  • VIETA: Crowne Plaza Vilnius viešbutis, M.K. Čiurlionio g. 84, Vilnius.
  • KALBA: pranešimai skaitomi lietuvių ir anglų kalba.
  • LAUKIAME: daugiau nei 15 pranešimų, daugiau nei 200 dalyvių! Trys paralelinės pranešimų grupės – analitinė organizacija; priemonės, metodai ir inovacijos; duomenų įgalinimas.
Registracijos dataDalyvio mokestisDalyvio mokestis
A. Galutiniams technologijų naudotojamsB. IT paslaugų teikėjams
iki 10.21.A. 125€ + PVM Konferencija (10.22.)
A2. 165€ + PVM Konferencija (10.22.) ir 1-na praktinė sesija (10.23.)
B. 140€ + PVM  Konferencija (10.22.)
iki 10.21.A. 80€ + PVM  1-na praktinė sesija (10.23.)
Dalyvių skaičius ribotas (iki 15 dalyvių)!

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1-OJI KONFERENCIJOS DIENA, 2019 m. spalio 22 d.

8.30-8.50Registracija ir pasitikimo kava
8.50-9.00Sveikinimo žodis
9.00 - 09.40IoT, AI, cloud – crucial components of Digital Transformation (DX) success. Information is a new oil for business. The way companies are mining data, process them using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and store them accordingly to law and compliance rules is crucial for them in Digital Transformation (DX) journey. Internet of Things (IoT) can bring an enormous amount of data, but without Business intelligence (BI) and AI, it is just useless. Only having both technologies on board, the company can start the creation of new digital products and services such as predictive maintenance. However, in the era of agile and lean business, the service model of IT (cloud) should be considered. The building of AI, IoT competences could be very difficult and costly, and cloud providers offer can help many organizations in starting DX journey. IDC presentation will discuss these dominant trends on the worldwide BI, AI, and IoT markets and show their impact on business organizations. Jarek Smulski, Senior Program Manager for IDC’s Systems & Infrastructure Solutions Program. As an analyst working in the Warsaw office, he is responsible for investigating the changing dynamics of the infrastructure, networking, IoT market, and he promotes strategies of Industry 4.0 and Smart City.
9.40-10.15Digital Business: Tomorrow is Already Here. Digital business is about intelligently connecting people, things, and businesses. It’s an infinite world of new possibilities for companies to reimagine their business models, the way they work, and how they compete. New technologies like machine learning, the Internet of everything, blockchain, cloud, and big data will transform value chains to enable completely new ways of doing business and our way of life. Hear how you can deliver a innovative customer experience at scale, with a fully-integrated front- and back-end operations based a solid digital core. Andreas Bitterer, Chief Analytics Evangelist EMEA at SAP
10.15-10.50Landing' Analytics - a Blueprint for Success. It’s a question I get asked frequently on my travels as an industry director – ‘how do you get analytics to land in an organisation’ and achieve an adoption rate of 80-90%. How do you get it to become a strategic imperative – a critical asset that drives organisational delivery and improved outcomes. This presentation examines how people and technology can come together to deliver an exceptional ROI. Sean Price sets out his personal experience of doing this for real in Avon and Somerset Police, along with best industry practice from supporting global customers during the last 18 months. Sean Price, Qlik EMEA Director, Industry Solutions - Public Sector & Healthcare
10.50-11.15Kavos pertraukėlė
11.20-11.55The Path to Smarter Software. AI is finding it’s way into enterprise software covering a wide range of use cases. There is great potential for AI, it can help employees becomes more efficient, make better decisions, faster while in consumer facing web applications AI can help enhancing customer experience and increase sales. There is no doubt that AI should and will be integral part of all software, but how do you build AI into software while remaining agile? The constant increase in both volume and speed of data generated makes it a must to have a continuous process for building models. In this presentation we’ll take a look at some real-life examples of AI in Enterprise software and present a practical approach to integrate AI into applications seamlessly. Hassan Ajan, Oracle Technology Product Strategy Manager

13.00-13.40Data Literacy: why it is import to learn data skills nowadays. Kateryna Skrypchenko, Enterprise Account Manager at Tableau SoftwareWhen the Intelligent Enterprise Must Comply. Kevin Raja, Senior Director, Global Center of Excellence, Platform & Technology at SAP UKOracle Exadata X8 platforma – žingsnis link Autonominių Duomenų Bazių, Valstybinės Mokesčių Inspekcijos atvejis. Gytis Nemanis, Irmantas Grucė, Oracle Lietuva
13.45-14.25Integruotas verslo planavimas su „SAP Analytics Cloud“. Domas Voroneckas, EPM ekspertas, Vyr. konsultantas, InfotrustMicrosoft BI galimos architektūros. Nuo vieno įrankio iki kompleksinio sprendimo. Simas Baranauskas, Direktorius, SoltusEnchancing the collective intelligence with external embedded analytics. Hannu Ranta, Senior Solution Architect, Qlik
14.25-14.40Kavos pertraukėlė
14.45-15.25Oracle Artificial Intelligence (AI) sprendimai. Aleksandr Kazimianec, Binar Solutions, Managing directorGoldberg machines - cool for team building, but not for data strategies. Jovita Vedrickienė, „Danske Bank“ turto valdymo verslo analitikos komandos vadovėScience of Data Visualization. Lennart Heuckendorf, Solution Consultant at Tableau Software
15.30-16.10From Zero to Hero: ilgalaikė BI sėkmė įmanoma. Rolandas Šustikas, „Day Q Analytics“ partnerisData Analytics: What could go wrong? The most common mistakes in data analytics and how to avoid them. Paulius Rauba, Data School lektoriusAtvirais duomenimis grįstų sprendimų link. Julius Belickas, Eglė Čepaitienė, Informacinės visuomenės plėtros komitetas
16.10-17.00Pokalbiai ir apibendrinimas

2-OJI KONFERENCIJOS DIENA, 2019 m. spalio 23 d.

TABLEAU SESSION 8.30-12.00 (Coffee break 10.00-10.15)Hands-on Journey through the Tableau Platform
Number of participants:Up to 15 participants.
Description:• We will give a quick introduction of the Tableau Platform;
• Hands-on work with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server;
• Customer use-cases and examples.
Session dedicated for:Everybody with the need to analyze data.
Requirements for participants:Participants need to have their own laptop and Tableau Desktop installed.
Session owner:Lennart Heuckendorf, Solution Consultant Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and CIS Tableau Software.

SAP SESSION 13.00-16.30 (Coffee break 14.30-14.45)SAP Analytics Cloud Hands-on session
Number of participants:Up to 15 participants.
Description:Hands-on session with examples in the demo environment.
Session dedicated for:Data analysts, business users from different industries (manufacturing, insurance, retail, telco, public sector etc.).
Requirements for participants:Please bring your laptop with you. Please download the zip file before the workshop. We strongly propose to bring your own tablet – you could then read the training documentation PDF on the tablet and (if it is an iPad!) load SAC Mobile onto it if you would wish to test the result. If you have an iPad or iPhone running iOS10 or later please load the “SAP Analytics Cloud” app (optional for mobile exercise but also good for reading the workshop PDF which is in the zip).
Session owner:Kevin Raja, Senior Director, Global Center of Excellence, Platform & Technology at SAP UK, Ian Grange, SAP Global Centre of Excellence - Analytics and Insight.

QLIK SESIJA 8.30-12.00 (Kavos pertraukėlė 10.00-10.15)Qlik Sense meistriškumo praktinė sesija ir atvirų duomenų galimybės: funkcionalios analitinės aplikacijos sukūrimas ir panaudojimo idėjos
Dalyvių skaičius:Iki 15 dalyvių.
Aprašymas:Pusės dienos atviro dialogo sesija, kurioje kartu sukursime Qlik Sense atvirų duomenų analitinę aplikaciją. Išnagrinėsime konkretų pavyzdį, kaip suteikti papildomos vertės vidiniams įmonės duomenims, susiejant juos su išoriniais duomenimis. Grįžę į savo kabinetus, galėsite pritaikyti įgytas žinias, kuriant naujus ar tobulinant esamus analitikos sprendimus.
Sesija skirta:Verslo duomenų analitikams (rekomenduojama būti susipažinus su Qlik Sense).
Reikalavimai dalyviams:Turėkite asmeninį kompiuterį (geriausia su Windows x64) su galimybe prisijungti prie Wi-Fi ir arba svetainėse atsisiųskite nemokamą „Qlik Sense Desktop“. Registruojantis informuokite, jei turėsite Mac kompiuterį. Daugiau informacijos ir duomenų šaltinius atsiųsime prisiregistravusiems dalyviams.
Sesiją veda:Justinas Petkevičius, vyr. Qlik konsultantas, Day Q, Marius Rubinas, Qlik partnerių vadovas, Day Q.

!!! Rytinė Power BI sesija jau užpildyta, formuojama antra (popietinė grupė):

POWER BI SESSIJA 8.30-12.00 (Kavos pertraukėlė 10.00-10.15) - UŽPILDYTA!!!!
Formuojama antra grupė 13.00-16.30 (Kavos pertraukėlė 14.30-14.45)
Power BI pardavimų aplikacijos kūrimo sesija naudojant NAV duomenų šaltinį
Dalyvių skaičius:Iki 15 dalyvių.
Aprašymas:„Gyvai“ sukursime veikiančią pardavimų analizės aplikaciją su Power BI įrankiu.
Sesija skirta:Verslo duomenų analitikams.
Reikalavimai dalyviams:Turėti asmeninį kompiuterį.
Sesiją veda:Simas Baranauskas, Soltus UAB įkūrėjas ir direktorius.

Iškilo klausimų dėl registracijos? Mielai padėsime – info eta, +370 687 73669.

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