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  • 2019 m. spalio 22-23 d., Vilniuje
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  • Trys pranešimų grupės – analitinė organizacija; priemonės, metodai ir inovacijos; duomenų įgalinimas.

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  • IoT, AI, cloud – crucial components of Digital Transformation (DX) success. Jarek Smulski, Senior Program Manager for IDC’s Systems & Infrastructure Solutions Program.

1-OJI KONFERENCIJOS DIENA, 2019 m. spalio 22 d.

8.20-8.50Registracija ir pasitikimo kava
9.00 – 09.40IoT, AI, cloud – crucial components of Digital Transformation (DX) success.
Information is a new oil for business. The way companies are mining data, process them using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and store them accordingly to law and compliance rules is crucial for them in Digital Transformation (DX) journey. Internet of Things (IoT) can bring an enormous amount of data, but without Business intelligence (BI) and AI, it is just useless. Only having both technologies on board, the company can start the creation of new digital products and services such as predictive maintenance. However, in the era of agile and lean business, the service model of IT (cloud) should be considered. The building of AI, IoT competences could be very difficult and costly, and cloud providers offer can help many organizations in starting DX journey.
IDC presentation will discuss these dominant trends on the worldwide BI, AI, and IoT markets and show their impact on business organizations.
Jarek Smulski, Senior Program Manager for IDC’s Systems & Infrastructure Solutions Program. As an analyst working in the Warsaw office, he is responsible for investigating the changing dynamics of the infrastructure, networking, IoT market, and he promotes strategies of Industry 4.0 and Smart City.
9.40-10.20Digital Business: Tomorrow is Already Here.
Digital business is about intelligently connecting people, things, and businesses. It’s an infinite world of new possibilities for companies to reimagine their business models, the way they work, and how they compete. New technologies like machine learning, the Internet of everything, blockchain, cloud, and big data will transform value chains to enable completely new ways of doing business and our way of life. Hear how you can deliver a innovative customer experience at scale, with a fully-integrated front- and back-end operations based a solid digital core.
Andreas Bitterer, Chief Analytics Evangelist EMEA at SAP
10.20-10.50Pranešimas tikslinamasPranešėjas tikslinamas, Qlik
10.50-11.10Kavos pertraukėlė
11.15-11.55Pranešimas tikslinamasPranešėjas tikslinamas
Analitinė organizacija
Priemonės, metodai, inovacijos
Duomenų įgalinimas
13.00-13.40Pranešimas tikslinamasPranešimas tikslinamasPranešimas tikslinamas
13.45-14.25Pranešimas tikslinamasPranešimas tikslinamasPranešimas tikslinamas
14.25-14.40Kavos pertraukėlė
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15.30-16.10Pranešimas tikslinamasPranešimas tikslinamasPranešimas tikslinamas
16.10-17.00Pokalbiai ir apibendrinimas

2-OJI KONFERENCIJOS DIENA, 2019 m. spalio 23 d.

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